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New York Times bestselling author David Eagleman addresses Collaborative for Children’s Circle of Friends

At the annual Collaborative for Children Circle of Friends luncheon last month, neuroscientist and New York Times bestselling author inspired, entertained and educated guests about the fascinating development of the human brain.

Host of the PBS television series “The Brain,” Dr. Eagleman gave the audience of nearly 300 guests a scientific perspective on the importance of early childhood experiences to a developing brain. “Over the course of childhood, brain circuity is wired up according to experience and interactions with the environment,” he says. He went on to emphasize the incredible plasticity of the brain and the opportunity to influence brain development, stating “The brain is not hardwired; it’s live-wired.”

The importance of maximizing these early learning opportunities and brain connections is the basis of Collaborative for Children’s work in helping to create high-quality early learning for the children in the Greater Houston community.

In her remarks, Collaborative for Children president and CEO Carol Shattuck shared the story of Brandon, a young boy who was enrolled in one of the Collaborative’s first College Bound from Birth child care centers in the Sunnyside neighborhood in 2008. With the strong early learning foundation he received, Brandon is now a thriving and highly motivated fifth-grader with a love of history, sports and art and a dream of attending UCLA and becoming a meteorologist.

Carol challenged guests to imagine a future where all children have a chance for success, like Brandon. “With the support of generous donors like you, we can reach more children and achieve our vision that all children in our region have access to a strong start and a high-quality early education,” she said.

The luncheon event kicked off the community campaign of Collaborative for Children’s 2017 Circle of Friends annual giving society, chaired this year by dedicated board member Sheryl Rapp. Together with funds raised though staff and board campaigns, Circle of Friends funding supports Collaborative for Children’s priority needs and is a critical component of the organization’s budget each year.