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Supporting Aldine Expansion

Whether it’s raising your hand in class, daring to challenge convention or investing in a new idea, being the first to stand out is difficult. However, innovation and change are not possible without innovators and pioneers willing to take a risk. The Herman H. Fleishman Foundation (HHFF) joined with Collaborative for Children to take a risk in 2014, bringing an ambitious early learning quality improvement program, College Bound from Birth, to the Aldine, Texas community. With the HHFF and other contributors leading the way, the multi-year intensive College Bound from Birth program in Aldine was fully funded within seven months.

HHFF, reflecting its Jewish roots, is committed to compassion, healing the world and equal opportunity through leveraging the power of education to change lives and provide opportunity. The College Bound from Birth program embodies the mission and principles of HHFF as a practical path toward compassion, community, education, opportunity and entrepreneurism.

Quality early education in the critical first five years of children’s lives helps eliminate achievement gaps and brings all children to the starting line prepared to reach their full potential. Independent research has demonstrated the impact of College Bound from Birth on improving early learning environments at child care centers and in homes. Compelled by a responsibility to serve all children and guided by the latest science and research, the HHFF and Collaborative for Children are promoting healthy development, opportunity and success for hundreds of children in Aldine.

The HHFF’s willingness to take important risks is changing the lives of children. While there are many more communities that need support to improve early learning outcomes, we’re on the right track thanks to the bold initial investment by the Herman H. Fleishman Foundation.

“We at the HHFF are honored to have participated in the expansion of College Bound from Birth into the Aldine Community,” said Caren Sweetland of the Fleishman Foundation. “Supporting College Bound’s expansion into Aldine gave us an opportunity to express our deeply held belief that quality early education is profoundly important to ensure all children in our community achieve school readiness for success both in school and in life.  We applaud Collaborative for Children for their pioneering work.”