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Creating Long-Lasting Impacts

The Brown Foundation, Inc. acts as a catalyst, propelling promising charitable projects forward. These projects reflect the Brown Foundation’s interest in addressing root causes and creating long-lasting community impacts. With a focus on innovative approaches, Collaborative for Children’s pioneering efforts to improve early learning opportunities for all children has been a solid match for the Brown Foundation investment strategy.

Founded in 1951 by Herman and Margarett Root Brown and George R. and Alice Pratt Brown, the Brown Foundation is approaching $1.5 billion in grants awarded. Approximately 80% of these grants have been awarded for the benefit of Texas, and particularly Houston, families. While the Brown Foundation assists many different charitable causes, including the arts and community service, the foundation is currently emphasizing education.

For several years, the Brown Foundation’s support has provided Collaborative for Children with the resources to plan big, design boldly, manage effectively and measure impact accurately.  The Brown Foundation’s investments have given rise to programs, such as College Bound from Birth, that ensure more children in more lower income neighborhoods have access to high quality early education opportunities. Because the Brown Foundation has been willing to fund ambitious interventions that deliver long-term impacts, Collaborative for Children is poised to expand partnerships to scale up effective projects across Greater Houston and Texas.