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Your Role

Your time, talent or resources can positively change the trajectories of Houston’s next generation.

TIME: We have an ambitious vision, and to realize a future where all children have access to opportunity we need the best Houston has to offer. Our Board of Directors, Partners Council and Advisory Committee reflect the diversity and dedication that define our region. Our organization can benefit from the guidance of community leaders, experts in their fields and citizens with passion for service. If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can contribute to creating a better Collaborative for Children, please contact Betty Gaughan by phone at 713.600.1129.

TALENT: Collaborative for Children provides opportunities for individuals and groups who want to volunteer by directly helping young children learn, assisting child care centers or advocating for children’s causes in our communities. The Help Early Learning Programs (HELP) Houston volunteer program matches your interests and maximizes your impact on the long-term success of children. Click here for more information about HELP Houston.

RESOURCES: Results demonstrate the positive impact Collaborative for Children’s programs are having on children’s sustained social and cognitive development. Currently Collaborative for Children is expanding interventions to ensure more at-risk children in more neighborhoods have access to high quality early learning opportunities. Your financial support translates to effective programs for families and center-based child care providers, positively transforming the early learning opportunities for Greater Houston’s children.

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