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Meet Breanna

With the right start, she's destined for stardom

A cheerful ray of sunshine, 3-year-old Breanna wakes up singing every morning. According to her teachers at Wesley Community Center where she goes to child care, she never shies away from an opportunity to showcase her singing and dancing. During morning song time at the center, Breanna is always quick to grab a toy microphone and perform for her classmates. It's no surprise that her favorite learning centers in her classroom are the music and dramatic play areas.

Breanna lives with her mother and three siblings in Houston's Northside neighborhood. While her mom works, Breanna is fortunate to receive high-quality early education at Wesley where her interests and development are nurtured. There, she is exposed to a rich learning environment that enables her to develop her language skills.

Through professional development training from the experts at Collaborative for Children, Breanna's teachers know that young children are more likely to develop skills when they are having fun and exploring through hands-on learning. With training on curriculum, social emotional development, room arrangements and more, Collaborative for Children has transformed Wesley Community Center into a high-quality early childhood program.

Because of her strong start, little Breanna is destined for BIG things. It's what happens when you give a child a chance.