Current and Upcoming Events

Event Category Description Date
Reflective Leadership Educator Training Cultivate the leadership skills needed to become a more confident and effective director. (read more...) April 25, 2014
Building Strong and Healthy Relationships with Young Children Educator Training Learn how to identify, describe, compare and contrast children’s affective (emotional) and cognitive (thinking) signals and respond to each in a positive and supportive way. (read more...) April 26, 2014
¡Padres Que Se Involucren, Un Blanco Móvil! Educator Training Formas de comunicarse con los niños en aspectos específicos del aula (read more...) May 03, 2014
Great Beginnings: Literacy and Language Experiences Educator Training Three part language and literacy series for infant and toddler teachers. (read more...) May 03, 2014
Infant and Toddler Early Learning Guidelines Training Educator Training Strategies for the use of Texas Infant, Toddler, and Three-Year-Old Early Learning Guidelines. Participants will receive a copy of the guidelines. (read more...) May 08, 2014
Routinas para la Conduccion y Organizacion de la Clase Educator Training Durante esta presentación vamos a explorar come arreglar aspectos físicos del salón de enseñanza para (read more...) May 17, 2014
Preventing Abuse and Neglect One at a Time Educator Training Learn how to recognize child abuse and what to do if it is suspected. A comprehensive training for childcare workers. (read more...) June 21, 2014
Helping Preschool Children Appreciate Diversity in Themselves and Others Educator Training This two-part training gives participants an opportunity to examine the impact that adults have on children’s attitudes about race, ethnicity, gender and other differences. (read more...) July 12, 2014
Attention Differences in the Early Childhood Classroom Educator Training Come and explore ADHD and brainstorm effective classroom management strategies. (read more...) July 19, 2014
Collaborative for Children's 7th Annual Conference Educator Training Save the Date! More Information to follow at a later date. (read more...) August 02, 2014
Connecting Motor to Math and Literacy Educator Training Learn successful strategies for teaching math and literacy concepts through motor activities. (read more...) August 09, 2014
My Home is My Business Educator Training Environment planning and effective instruction when you have more than one age group. (read more...) September 06, 2014
Tour of Collaborative for Children Office Community Events Join us on a site visit to see the Collaborative for Children offices and participate in an early childhood educator pre-service training. (read more...) September 11, 2014
ADHD and Autism in the Classroom Educator Training How do you accommodate children with special needs into your classroom, especially those with ADHD and Autism? (read more...) September 13, 2014
How to Lead and Still Have a Life Educator Training This session will explore leadership, major stressors and work habits. (read more...) September 19, 2014
Nutrition 101 Educator Training Explore some nutritional issues, plan appropriate menus and identify strategies for use with young children. (read more...) September 20, 2014