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Get your kids back into a routine after the holidays

With the holiday parties, special events and family gatherings over, you more than likely experienced the post-holiday blues during most of January. It's challenging to recharge your engine and return to work deadlines and other everday activities after so many fun disruptions.

The transition can be just as difficult for our children. Think about it. They've had many days of no school, staying up late, playing games all day, and eating whatever and whenever they want.

So how do you help your child get back into a normal routine after the holidays?

Here are five tips to consider:

  • Re-establish and enforce bedtime. Children function better when they have enough sleep. This also helps them have the ability to wake up early enough to handle morning tasks before going to school.
  • Get back to YOUR routine. Children look at our behavior much more than we realize. If you are reinstating your own bedtime and setting your alarm to wake up early each morning, chances are your child will fall back into their own routine easier.
  • Cut back on television, video games and computer usage. Have children start winding down about an hour before bedtime.
  • Encourage healthy eating with reliable and consistent snack and meal times. Eat together as a family in your home at least once a day, if possible. Toss or give away any remaining holiday cookies and candies.
  • Show extra love. Separation anxiety is often the culprit of children’s disdain for returning to school, so be sure to spend a little extra time snuggling and loving on your child so they feel secure.