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Make sure your children know they are loved!

• Show love with hugs, smiles, kisses, talking and looking directly into your baby’s eyes.
• Remember that babies cry to communicate with you.
• Understand that giving attention to a baby is not spoiling. Consistently responding to your baby’s cries and coos stimulates learning and develops trust.
• Talk to your baby before she seems able to understand what you’re saying and she will soon talk back to you.
• Imitate his coos and sounds. Diaper changing, feeding, bathing and dressing are good times to talk with your young child.
• Say your child’s name in a cheerful, caring voice.
• Really listen when your child talks to you.
• Avoid calling your child names when discussing her behavior.
• Encourage your child by showing appreciation for his accomplishments.
• Improve your child’s self-esteem by teaching her how she can help others.
• Say “yes” and “I love you” more often than you say “no” or “don’t”.
• Make sure your child has regular health exams and receives all appropriate immunizations (shots).
• Seek help from specialists if you have concerns about your child’s development or need extra help during times of family stress.
• Demonstrate in ways she can understand that she is unique and special to you.

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In Harris County,
three-fourths of Children
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unregulated care.

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