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Five Steps to Finding Quality Child Care

1. Look

Visit several child care centers or homes.
Visit each location more than once.
Does the place seem safe?
Do the caregivers seem to like children?
Do they talk with each child at eye level?
Are the children happy?
Are there plenty of toys within a child's reach?

2. Ask

Ask questions about the level of training of caregivers.
Have they taken child development classes?
Are they experienced in CPR?
Is the facility accredited?

3. Listen

What does the classroom sound like?
Do the children seem content and involved?

4. Count

Count the number of children versus caregivers.
A small number of children per adult is most important for babies or younger children.

5. Be Informed

Call Collaborative for Children to find out more about licensing requirements, parent education, staff-child ration, accreditation and more. 

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You May Not Know That

In Harris County,
three-fourths of Children
in child care are in
unregulated care.

Families who found child care
through our QualiFind online
database and concierge services.

Families who were served by
Collaborative for Children's very
own everyday superheroes - our
parent engagement staff.