College Bound from Birth Direct Support to Parents

College Bound from Birth strengthens relationships and resources for parents in child care centers

Child care center directors and teachers can build important relationships with the parents of the children they serve. By providing resources to parents and building open relationships of sharing and trust, child care centers can help to engage parents in their child's learning experiences. The College Bound from Birth program offers the following direct support to parents within selected child care centers:

  • Family Kick-off event
  • Family Resource Night, including an introduction to the Vroom parenting app 
  • Parent Activity Nights
  • Parent Resource Library
  • Parents as Partners to the Center Sessions 
  • Direct parent consultations

The goal of providing these services and resources is to deepen parents' engagement in their role as their child's first teacher and as a partner to the center as measured by parent attendance and self-report questionnaires.

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