College Bound from Birth Community Parenting Services

College Bound from Birth provides direct services to parents and teen parents in selected neighborhoods

In addition to the services College Bound from Birth provides to parents through the College Bound from Birth centers where their children are enrolled, the program also provides direct parenting services to the greater neighborhood community where the centers are located. 

The program offers evidence-based parenting classes in a community setting open to any members of the community interested in enhancing their parenting skills and knowledge. The parenting series are evaluated by class participants. 

Stand-alone Teen Sessions adapted from the Positive Parenting program are offered to teen parents enrolled in area high schools. These sessions are evaluated through questionnaires completed by class participants. 

By increasing the parenting skills and knowledge of parents across the community, College Bound from Birth aims to improve child outcomes for children across neighborhoods, regardless of the child care centers in which they are enrolled. 


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