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College Bound from Birth

College Bound from Birth is changing child care in Houston, one neighborhood at a time.

Designed and delivered by the early childhood education experts at Collaborative for Children, College Bound from Birth is a three-year quality improvement program offered at no cost in selected neighborhoods across Houston. Program components aim to improve the quality of early learning throughout the neighborhood, leading to kindergarten readiness.

Services and resources are delivered to child care centers following an application and selection process. Participating centers receive: 

  • Professional Development Training
  • Incentives and Scholarships
  • On-site Consultation for Child Care Directors and Teachers
  • Parent Engagement Support and Resources
  • Classroom Materials and Equipment

Elsewhere in College Bound from Birth neighborhoods, the program works through existing neighborhood coalitions to build awareness of the importance of quality child care and support for quality early learning programs. Services are delivered to parents in the community to build their capacity as their children’s first teachers. 

Piloted in Houston's Sunnyside/South Park neighborhood in 2008, College Bound from Birth now operates in five Houston neighborhoods, with a goal of expanding to 12 neighborhoods by 2020. 

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