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Collaborative for Children's Hurricane Harvey Response, Recovery and Resilience Plan

Our Challenge

Child care is a multigenerational workforce issue; parents need access to child care while they work today, and the quality of child care establishes the foundation for the workforce of tomorrow. As the Greater Houston region tackles the unprecedented damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, a central driver to guide the path toward recovery is high-quality child care.

Based on Collaborative for Children’s ongoing assessments, child care programs across Greater Houston have suffered significant damage, many interrupting their services for families due to Harvey. In order for families to get back to work and power the rebuilding process, there must be a solution for the child care challenge.

Our Response

Collaborative for Children is working to ensure high-quality child care solutions, particularly focused on Houston’s most vulnerable populations, are a central component of regional response and recovery efforts. For 30 years, Collaborative for Children has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with parents, teachers, child care center directors, and community leaders to improve the quality of early learning opportunities for all Houston. This history of effective partnerships with thousands of child care providers in Greater Houston creates a broad-based platform for regional action.

Collaborative for Children is leveraging this platform to develop a Post-Harvey Response, Recovery, and Resilience Plan for Houston’s Early Childhood Education and Care System. This approach is strategically-aligned and forward-looking:

  • Phase I will focus on response and recovery in the immediate aftermath of the storm through the end of 2017
  • Phase II will begin in January 2018 and concentrate on restoring high-quality child care and building resilience
  • Phase III will be ongoing after January 2019 and sustain progress on the pathway to higher quality and greater resilience.

stay connected

Collaborative for Children has created and will update the following links so that child care providers, families, and Greater Houston communities can stay connected and track progress through the response, recovery, and resilience process:

Response, Recovery and Resilience Plan Dashboard

Damage Assessment and Response Recovery Map

Child Care Provider Step-by-Step Recovery Process

Resources for Families

Immediately Respond & Recover: Phase I Timeline and Results

Response, Recovery & Resilience: Phase II Timeline and Results

Collaborative for Children's Webinar "Coming Back Stronger: Child Care Recovery, Response and Resilience after Hurricane Harvey" through Child Care Aware 

Child Care Provider Recovery: Read Their Stories

Waiting for Greater: The Story of Dominion Child Development Center

Community is Bigger than the Area that Surrounds Us: The Story of the Bertha Alyce Early Childhood School

Teachers Helping Teachers in the Midst of Harvey: The Story of Little People's Greater Life

Coming Back Stronger after Harvey: The Story of Smartie Pants Academy Center

Funding for our Hurricane Harvey response and recovery efforts is generously provided by the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and other private donors and foundations. 

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