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Tomorrow Starts Today

Will the children in your care be KINDERGARTEN READY? Collaborative for Children can help. We are raising children today for a world that does not yet exist. We must build the workforce of tomorrow, today, by nurturing curiosity, critical thinking and collaboration all by the age of 5. That may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of Collaborative for Children, this is achievable and so much more.


  1. Does my center have full enrollment? 
  2. Are we financially sound?
  3. Are our children prepared for kindergarten?

Center of Excellence is an innovative partnership designed to improve and sustain results-driven early education through strong child care business practices, highly effective ECE professionals and engaged, informed and empowered families.

With a 33-year history as a leader in early childhood education, Collaborative for Children’s sole focus is readying young children for the 21st century with innovative programs focused on positive child outcomes. Let’s build a partnership that will enable your center to achieve our Center of Excellence seal. We will provide access to success-building tools, staff, software and more to make sure that you are not only financially successful, but also that your center is a sought after as a Center of Excellence.


  • Childcare Center: Business Specialists support Director/Owners in viable business practices that yield sustainable child care centers (sustaining enrollment, child attendance, teacher retention)
  • Teachers: Mentors guide ECE professionals in the use of CC's evidence-based student interaction, teaching and methodology to ensure 70% of children demonstrate growth towards school readiness.
  • Collaborative for Children Curriculum: 21st Century Learning Framework grounded in comprehensive research based curriculum (I Wonder!, 2020 Frog Street, Neuhaus, Prelude Music, CD, C-STEM) that supports 70% of children demonstrating growth toward school readiness.
  • Families and Communities: Using a dual generation approach, family support specialists work with parents/caregivers to strengthen the parent-child relationship to ensure 90% of parents/caregivers apply CC's skills and practices to achieve school-readiness and 21st Century skills for children. 


  • Location: Identified as one of the 22 Priority Super Neighborhoods
    • Acres Home: 77018, 77088, 77091
    • Brays Oaks: 77035
    • Denver Harbor/Port Houston: 77029, 77020
    • East Houston: 77028
    • East Little York/Homestead: 77016, 77050
    • Eastex-Jensen: 77093
    • Fairbanks/Northwest Crossing: 77040, 77041, 77092
    • Golfcrest/Bellfort/Reveille: 77061, 77087, 77207
    • Greater Fifth Ward: 77020, 77026
    • Greater Greenspoint: 77037, 77038, 77060, 77067
    • Greater OST/South Union: 77021, 77033, 77051, 77054, 77087
    • Greater Third Ward: 77003, 77004, 77021
    • Gulfton: 77027, 77036, 77056, 77057, 77074, 77081
    • Independence Heights: 77008, 77018, 77022, 77091
    • Kashmere Gardens: 77009, 77026, 77028
    • Northside/Northline: 77022, 77037, 77076, 77088, 77091, 77093
    • Pleasantville Area: 77013, 77028, 77029
    • Settegast: 77028
    • Sharpstown: 77036, 77063, 77072, 77074, 77081
    • South Park: 77033
    • Sunnyside: 77051
    • Trinity/Houston Gardens: 77016
  • Child Care Desert: Low-income/underserved communities
  • Enrollment: Serve children birth - 5 years and serve families receiving child care financial assistance
  • Licensing/Regulatory Agency: 10 or less deficiencies in the last 12 months

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