Tips for Success

1) Help make your child's transition to school a smooth one

If your child is entering kindergarten or going back to school this fall, it can be a time of excitement and stress, but planning ahead can reduce anxiety and set a positive tone for the rest of the school year. Read more about ensuring a smooth transition:

2) Support your child’s learning at home

You and your child are a team! You play a big role in helping your child build a winning attitude and develop key skills. By showing interest in your child’s education, encouraging good study routines, and making homework meaningful, you can help you child succeed. Find out more

3) Be choosy when selecting an after-school arrangement

A quality after-school arrangement in a school-based program, a family home care or child care setting can make all the difference in supporting your child’s early education experiences and preparing him or her to excel in school. For a downloadable guide to making good child care choices, click here, or visit here to review information about child care options in your area.