The Next Generation Depends on You

A child's ability to learn, and to ultimately become a positive contributor to our society, is dramatically affected by the intellectual, emotional and physical stimulation he or she receives from birth through age six. Today, too many children start kindergarten behind, continue to fall further behind and never catch up. These children struggle academically, quite often drop out of school and ultimately become a burden on our society. In fact, more than 75% of prison inmates are high school dropouts. It's clear to see why early education is so vital to us all.

When you donate to Collaborative for Children, your dollars will help families find quality early education; enhance the skills of educators; fund the purchase of valuable classroom resources; and fuel programs for community action and awareness.

Your donation is truly an investment in our next generation. An investment that promises a brighter tomorrow for us all, and your opportunity to make a big difference in a little life.

Collaborative for Children welcomes support from any individual, organization or business that would like to assist us in improving lifelong outcomes for young children. There are several ways that you can do your part: