You are Our Most Powerful Resource

As a teacher or child care professional, you have the opportunity to make a lifetime of difference in the lives of children and their families. Collaborative for Children assists in strengthening the early care and education community in the Houston region with knowledge, skills and resources needed to provide a quality learning experience for all children – and a better professional experience for those who care for our next generation.

Support for Your Success

Collaborative for Children provides a variety of services that can help you strengthen your skills and your early childhood program:

The Importance of a Good Educator

The future success of our children depends on the quality of early care and education that they receive during the first six years of life. Early intellectual stimulation in a nurturing and supportive environment produces:

  • Higher math and reading scores
  • Higher high school graduation rates and college attendance
  • Lower incidences of grade retention and dropout rates
  • Fewer referrals to special education
  • Lower crime and unemployment rates
  • Fewer teen pregnancies

Collaborative for Children understands the vital role that educators play in the lives of our children. We are focused on strengthening the existing early care and education system so that we all one day may benefit.